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I thank God for the qualities and facilities which He provided to our school. We acknowledge Him for the good things He has done.

Tiwi Academy
Tiwi Academy

Since I was brought to this school my life is good and my mother was very happy. Many people are coming to this school to learn the Word of God…”

Tiwi Academy

“…I came to realize that I had the potential of doing well in my studies. I was very much consulted by the teachers that I was able. With this I encouraged myself…I continued working hard because by this I know hard work pays…I have been experiencing new life since I came to this school…I am very privileged. ”



OGH Missionary Intern

The “Jessica” character in the book, KenyaQuest, is based on the true-life
Jessica Marie Hamilton. Jessica seemed to have a servant’s heart since birth, but her life
came to have significant purpose and meaning when she traveled alone to Mombasa, Kenya in 2006 at the age of 17. She worked as a missionary intern with Jim and Susie Horne with Operation Give Hope for about a month and returned radically changed and with intense focus. Jessica wanted to be a doctor and had plans to return to Kenya for a lifetime of work with Operation Give Hope when she was tragically killed in an automobile accident in June of 2007. Her story could be easily overlooked as her life was so brief, but countless friends and family would disagree. Jessica’s life had events of real impact as people witnessed a sincere young girl attempting to serve others and know and understand God’s purpose for her life. Even now, people that witnessed her commitment are being motivated to go, work, and support “the least of these” in Kenya through Operation Give Hope. Matthew 25:40


Click here to purchase "Kenya Quest"



OGH Missionary

Why do I give? I give because I know first hand how much as little as $5/month can make in the life of a child. It IS the difference between life and death. $5 per month can feed a child two meals a day every weekday for a month. That saves a child from starvation, literally. I have seen it first hand. 


As little as $30/month not only feeds a child, it provides an education that helps raise them out of their poverty in their lifetime.  I give because it matters. I give because it changes lives.  

Why I Go? I go because of the LOVE and HOPE I can give to the people of Kenya. I come home having received more LOVE from the kids, teachers, and the people of Kenya in general then I could ever have given.

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