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Each center provides food, water, and education for children. These centers minister to the mind, body, and spirit. The children are in a wholesome environment filled with encouragement and motivated to work hard to achieve their best. With staff members, varying between teachers, pastors, music instructors, gardeners, cleaners, guards, kitchen staff, etc., the students receive good care.


There is a huge contrast between children who attend our schools and children who do not have that chance. Kenya’s poor children are faced with overwhelming challenges from day to day, some being lack of clean drinking water, lack of food and clothing, poor health, inferior education, lack of moral instruction and parents who have their own issues and sometimes just don’t care.

On the other hand, children who have the opportunity to go to our OGH schools are children who now have hope.  How thrilling to be able to give these kids this hope!  They now have clean drinking water, nutritious meals, better health, uniforms, moral values and a quality education that will enable them to become successful adults with a knowledge of God’s love for them. They have joy and their futures are so much brighter. 

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